Studies show that hot weather brings out the worst in us

Got the summertime blues? Taking refuge from the heat may help. Multiple studies over the past few decades have indicated that heat exposure can negatively affect people’s moods. Hot weather has been linked to increased aggression, violence and higher rates of suicide – and, some caution, global warming may make matters worse. A new U.S.-led […]

Leah McLaren: Social media summer-camp updates fuel parental anxiety

This summer, our boys went to camp for the first time. When I say “camp,” what I mean is that they spent a week swimming, running, singing and carving sticks into spears in the Canadian wilderness from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the exception of Thursday, when they had a one-night campfire and “sleepover.” […]

Pain reliever drugs in pregnancy tied to behaviour issues in kids: study

Women who take the common pain reliever acetaminophen during pregnancy may be more likely to have children with behavior problems than those who don’t use the drug, a British study suggests. Researchers analyzed survey data from about 7,800 mothers and found more than half of them took acetaminophen at some point during pregnancy. Overall, about […]

Drama on the dock: the life and times of the cottage crasher

Jane Austen, who was to conversation in 19th-century novels what Aaron Sorkin is to 1990s TV dialogue, used an emerging new pastime among households of the Georgian aristocracy to her advantage. The advent and to-and-fro of invitations to various country estates advanced her plots. Any story set up at a weekend country house generally goes […]

Derald Wing Sue on microaggression, the implicit racism minorities endure

Microaggression: The term was coined in the 1970s by Chester Pierce, an African-American professor of education and psychiatry at Harvard University, and it refers to the slights, putdowns and invalidating remarks that racial minorities experience every day when interacting with people who unknowingly engage in implicit racism. But only now is the label gaining cultural […]

Excerpt: Sarah Barmak on a breakthrough in understanding female pleasure

Buried pleasure Like an iceberg, the full structure of the clitoris lies mostly below the skin’s surface. This scientific discovery in 2009 was a giant leap for womankind, but as Sarah Barmak writes in her new book, also a unsettling reminder of how little effort society has made to understand a woman’s erogenous zones (Photo […]