Is it too late for my brother to repair his relationship with his son?

THE QUESTION Is it too late to tell my 77-year-old brother to smarten up and to get in touch with his 45-year-old son? My brother is an opinionated, bossy person, one who thinks he’s always right and is intolerant to suggestions he might even possibly be wrong. I have a tenuous relationship with him and […]

Aging boomers highlight need to bring more men into caregiving profession

In the classroom at Ottawa’s Algonquin College, at a bed by a window, Morgan O’Dell, 19, reaches out a tattooed arm to delicately wash the nether region of a floppy-haired mannequin. O’Dell’s classmate, Hamza El Hilali, 24, steps in to keep a white blanket in place, to guard their “patient’s” privacy. Her name, they have […]

For a lot of grandparents, being take off from grandchildren can be a major fear

Maybe you observed enough of the loved ones on the breaks? My husband definitely did. From the time the grandchildren, making use of their dripping noses and coughing coughs, slept around on Holiday evening to pay quality time around – and present their parents some slack – my partner continues to be coughing and sneezing […]

Can I inform my pal I do believe her partner treats her terribly?

The problem I’ve identified my friend Alice since senior high school, once we were best friends. She’s undergone a difficult moment before five years. She’s mentalhealth concerns and it is struggling to perform. She’s, nevertheless, said that she’s identified the love of her life. The issue is he’s actually mean to her. Almost everytime she […]

Ontario’s multiparent LGBTQ families have another reason to celebrate this season

Baby Ollie has a lot of family to visit this holiday season. There’s Uncle Zaid, Aunt Nada and cousin Joud on the 24th. Christmas lunch is with Nana, Grandpa and Rosalie and Christmas dinner is with Grandma B and Papa G. On Boxing Day, it’s lunch with cousins Brooklyn and Koen. Granda and Baba are […]

The Nutcracker season: How to get the grand-kids loving your family’s holiday traditions

Children are our best shot at immortality. How they remember us – kindly or negatively – often depends on the traditions we establish. Force a child to go to Messiah or The Nutcracker too soon and you can create lifelong aversions to the symphony, the ballet or even outings with granny. I shudder guiltily when […]

Can you weed the bad seeds from your kid’s list of friends?

The question My eight-year-old daughter has a friend from school who comes from “the wrong side of the tracks.” Both her parents are in jail and she lives with extended family. I know nothing of her home environment, but know that she has problems and “behavioural issues” at school. To be honest, having my daughter […]

Music and goodwill lift my spirits in a time of Trumpian despair

Rebekah Wolkstein stands at the front of an auditorium, facing her unconventional audience. She is 35, a bright spark of life with her big smile, red lipstick and enthusiasm for Buenos Aires tango. She introduces herself and the Payadora Tango Ensemble, a sought-after quartet that has played to sold-out audiences in Toronto at popular venues […]